Thursday, Aug 27 2015
USAFE Library Headlines

Check Out The E-Library!

Can't find Overdrive or another digital resource (eBooks, database, etc.) where it used to be?  Click on the e-Library tab.   We have moved all things digital to one location for your convenience. 

8 New Book Club in a Box Titles Added to the Collection

Alice in Wonderland, City of Dark Magic, Frozen in Time, In the Heart of the Canyon, Mila 2.0, Molokai, People of the Book, & Telling Room

Some real good reads in this bunch, and most of them are currently available.


Peterson's academic, career, & military resources now available via your library card

Looking to advance or even change careers, get more education, or see what kind of scholarships are out there?  The wide array of test prep/study material available (ASVAB, GRE, SAT, etc.) is not just alphabet soup.  See for yourself.  These resources can now be accessed with your library card - any time, any place.

  Books on Demand Program Ends
  Good news for gearheads
  TumbleBookCloud Junior is here!
  PowerKnowledge Life Science & PowerKnowledge Earth & Space Science
  Zinio available at Air Force Libraries
  There's No Mystery to Having Fun
  Learn a New Language Today
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